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Whisk Me Away – What Could’ve Been

Grab my hand and whisk me away under water.

Where no one can see us.

Where waves crash and the orange melts with the pink and the yellow in the sky… signaling its time to swim to shore.

We both stay afloat on our own.

I see his eyes lock with mine as I come up for air, almost sinking moments before.

He watches me.

I paddle around, make faces, splash water, and he just watches me.

Then BOOM.

He spreads his arms out, pulling me down to the bottom of the water; where the sand meets feet, where I meet my match.

Others find our little hideout in the middle of the sea, and he still notices me.

What am I to him?

A question I don’t bother to ask.

Screw the sea, this is our floor.

This is where it begins.

We dance our way to who is best when it comes to maneuvering around the waves.

Encouraging each other, behave.

This is the way it should be.

Drowned in each other rather than drowned in worries and fables.

He’s reached for the best of me, for so long, waited for the best of me, and I didn’t pull back this time. I’ve finally accepted that he’s all mine.


Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast is one of my favorite Disney films of all time.

Belle is no ordinary princess, she was not born into royalty nor whisked away by a handsome prince. She learned to love the prince for who he was, not through is appearance or what he could give her.

Before the beast stumbled into her life (I am going off the animation version, not the original tale of Beauty and The Beast) where she was considered “weird” yet beautiful by people in her town due to the fact that she read books. Her family also didn’t possess a lot of money, so spoiled is in no way a word to describe Belle.

As always, Belle does her thing and goes about her days, passing the time with a book or talking to her father about his inventions whilst Gaston continues to bug her and ask for her hand in marriage, that conceited son of a b–


Now, with the trailers coming out of the new “Beauty and the beast” live action film set to take place in theaters come March 17th (St. Patrick’s day fellow Irish– keep in mind, I only have partial Irish in my blood) it is easy to investigate the differences through the animated film and the soon to be aired, live action movie.


I’m not gonna lie, I can already tell lumiere is going to bother me during the entire film because he has two separate legs instead of a candlestick base. :’)

I’m still giving the movie a chance regardless of all of these changes (Of course, they’re attempting to make the movie into real life and it is difficult, hence the need for digital animation and autotune) but so many of these things really didn’t need to be altered??

I mean, chip as another example. I imagined him to be cute, not scare me with his eyes…


I’m trying my best to keep an open mind, and I am still incredibly excited for it, but come on. That auto tune is insane.

The auto tune is however noticed prominently more on certain areas of the song rather than the entire thing, which isn’t detrimental.

The reason I love the musical movies (rent, les miz, but les miz especially because a lot of their scenes tended to be live rather than recorded and added to the film making it more raw and emotional) is due to the reality of the situation it delivers rather than pre-recorded or seen on a stage where a lot of the emotions aren’t picked up in facial expressions because they are so far away. Including films that are simply films until the addition of music (because music is something that everyone can understand and feel regardless of language or any sort of barrier between people).

Don’t even get me started about the dress, please. But, seeing the entire blue dress– I felt better about it than originally when there was only the image of the collar and I was just not having it haha.


I imagined it to look like this fan-made (sorry, not sure who created it) image:


As for the winter dress, I wish the puffy hood was still a thing, although the new dress is stunning as well.


Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 1.49.21 PM.png

Made by toughtink on Instagram. I absolutely love her dress.


I don’t mind the beasts’ horns much, although wouldn’t it have been easier to keep them short like in the animation? Just throwing that out there.

I’m so excited for the movie, I’m sure everyone else is as well, it’s just a few changes we need to get used to even if we would go about them a different way. Although I’m not so sure I could forgive what they did to Chip and Lumiere, time will tell though.

If you envisioned any aspect of the movie to be different, please let me know what and how you would alter it. Also, If your super thrilled for the movie to FINALLY be released, please mention that too. 😛

Nat ❤

❤ Note: All photos and videos are not my own, these belong to the creators and uploaders. ❤

My hair

At one point my hair was dark (natural hair) like this. 

Then, in the sun it would look like this.

You may be thinking “okay cool what’s the point…” or, if you’ve been following me for a bit you might think “why the heck did she change it?!”

To put this in perspective: here is a before and after– this was right after the change.

Here is a more recent look at what my hair looks like, except a side view of the before and after. 
Was this intended when I got my hair done back in July? No.

But, am I going to roll with it for as long as I can, yes.

I’m not rebellious, I’m really not. Here and there as a teenager I would get a bit snippy, but rebellious? Nope.

I never dyed my hair (apart from a few highlights once a year or two basically), I never got a piercing or had a secret tattoo… I just sort of did my own thing.

I think the worst thing I’ve ever really done is been on my iPad (rip iPad) for too late and eventually that became a bad habit that I’m still dealing with today. Sleep is not my friend, it’s “the one that got away,” if you will.

Is my sleep schedule something I’m working on though? You bet.

The point of this blog post was to say that sometimes things just aren’t going to go your way. And even though it seems like this is how it will be forever, it won’t.

People are constantly changing, life is constantly changing, years from now all your going to have are memories of what was and whatever is ahead in the future…

While I don’t want to be just another name from a hundred years ago one day, I also don’t want to pretend that I’m going to be someone spectacular that everyone remembers, if that is most likely not the case.

But, I know that I am the only me and I have complete freedom to do what I want. And while I know half of the time things don’t go as one plans, it’s important to sometimes just accept it, give it some time, and focus on yourself and where you’re at in the moment.

In this moment, I am in school, working, a smidge heartbroken but recovering, and, blonde by accident.

Now, I know this is a random list and there is very little detail, but sometimes you don’t want to give the bad days the spotlight.

So, I’m going to leave on the note that I’m indecisive on simply letting my hair grow out, dying it back to brown (ah dye I don’t like this stuff), or keeping my hair up in a hat for a little while.😅

It is soon winter after all. ❤️

Thank you for reading my random post 😄


Nat 💖


If any of you have been around me the past week you will notice that I’ve been talking about a few people by the names of Rory, Lorelai, Luke, etc. What you won’t know, is that these aren’t friends of mine. They are like family.

Okay, that last part sounded crazy, I’m not THAT loony.

This is all due to the revival of a show titled “Gilmore Girls,” one of the best shows in the history of ever, tied with “Friends,” “Modern Family,” and “Adventure Time,” written by Amy Sherman-Palladino. Absolutely, stunningly brilliant.

The character I would like to express my excitement about however is Jess, Rory’s second love interest in the show. He is absolute perfection.

I don’t want to go into too much detail for those of you who haven’t viewed the show (now is where I realize I already spoiled a couple things, lovely, sorry about that), but what I do want to say is that Jess will be returning, and we don’t know what will happen in the show with Rory’s love interests besides the fact that shes dating around just like she would be in the fictional world of Stars Hallow today.

The revival will have four 90 minute episodes, all titled with seasons (fall, winter, summer, and spring). If you know this show, you are probably bouncing off the walls ecstatic for the revisit to the old place that feels like home.

There is more to be revealed, but as of now there is one question that still remains…




Feel free to express your excitement along with me. 😉


Sometimes you may get stressed because your working a lot, you have a lot on your mind, or maybe you just haven’t had any time to yourself. Rather than kick back and watch a season or two of your favorite show (New Girl and Doctor who for me at the moment), why not get out and enjoy the weather, if it’s a nice day that is.

In my case, I’ve worked the past four days non stop, one of them being a 4 am shift. I am exhausted to say the least. I decided today would be a good day to go to the pool and grab a book I just started and have been eager to get back to. “Saint Anything” is the title and Sarah Dessen is the author, she is my favorite author  without a doubt and the second I saw she wrote a new novel I went right away to target to pick one up (I even got a signed copy! :D). The cover is definitely dar ker than her previous stories (that’s just something I noticed), and the story is amazing as always.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed in your daily activities it’s nice to chill and do something relaxing, for me, that would be reading. I realized I haven’t been reading as much as I used to and that’s kind of a bummer I think. But I’m getting back into the swing of things and finding some peace before heading back to work in a few days.

Hope your summer is great so far! *_^