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Dear October: Good Paths That Never Stop

I wish there was some kind of book or guide on being 21… but there isn’t.

That’s a GOOD thing.

Living up to normal standards all the time is exactly how new ones are never made.

Why should you do what everyone else is doing and not what you want to do?

Why should you worry your life away about not having money when there are a million ways to live happily without it?

I’m not going to say the regular, “compare your life to someone beneath you and you’ll find they are much happier” thing or the “rich people may seem like they have everything, but they don’t really because where’s the real love” that has probably been said 50 times.

But, what I will say is that there is NO rule book to being 21. There is NO rule book on LIFE, for that matter.

Everyone makes decisions which lead them on and on and on into the future…. there are people before you, and people after you.

The world doesn’t stop.

It never stops.

It turns, and turns, and turns, creating the happiest and most devastating moments in every single persons every day lives.

As dreadful of a day you’re having, it could be someones best.

As amazing as the day is, there will be some point where it will take a tubmle…

But does that mean you should dread the happiness you’re experiencing now, only to realize you’ll be hurt later?


Create the life you want, live the life you want, do what YOU want.

Do not sweat the small stuff, the past, the future, the side-eyes or back-talk.

Do what YOU want, what YOU love, what YOU know you are here for a reason to do.

You’re young, you’re 21, you have a whole blank canvas in front of you that you have the ability of morphing into whatever way you please.

You are meant to live one life, that is you’re own and no one else’s as much as you may wish you were living someone else’s or someone else wishes you were living theirs…

Every path you’ve ever been on has been a good path whether or not you’re still at the top of them.

There is no right way, there is no rule book, there are no guarantees in life, but there damn well is the decision to follow who YOU want to be and BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU WANT TO DO with your life.

You’re 21, you practically just started living.



My hair

At one point my hair was dark (natural hair) like this. 

Then, in the sun it would look like this.

You may be thinking “okay cool what’s the point…” or, if you’ve been following me for a bit you might think “why the heck did she change it?!”

To put this in perspective: here is a before and after– this was right after the change.

Here is a more recent look at what my hair looks like, except a side view of the before and after. 
Was this intended when I got my hair done back in July? No.

But, am I going to roll with it for as long as I can, yes.

I’m not rebellious, I’m really not. Here and there as a teenager I would get a bit snippy, but rebellious? Nope.

I never dyed my hair (apart from a few highlights once a year or two basically), I never got a piercing or had a secret tattoo… I just sort of did my own thing.

I think the worst thing I’ve ever really done is been on my iPad (rip iPad) for too late and eventually that became a bad habit that I’m still dealing with today. Sleep is not my friend, it’s “the one that got away,” if you will.

Is my sleep schedule something I’m working on though? You bet.

The point of this blog post was to say that sometimes things just aren’t going to go your way. And even though it seems like this is how it will be forever, it won’t.

People are constantly changing, life is constantly changing, years from now all your going to have are memories of what was and whatever is ahead in the future…

While I don’t want to be just another name from a hundred years ago one day, I also don’t want to pretend that I’m going to be someone spectacular that everyone remembers, if that is most likely not the case.

But, I know that I am the only me and I have complete freedom to do what I want. And while I know half of the time things don’t go as one plans, it’s important to sometimes just accept it, give it some time, and focus on yourself and where you’re at in the moment.

In this moment, I am in school, working, a smidge heartbroken but recovering, and, blonde by accident.

Now, I know this is a random list and there is very little detail, but sometimes you don’t want to give the bad days the spotlight.

So, I’m going to leave on the note that I’m indecisive on simply letting my hair grow out, dying it back to brown (ah dye I don’t like this stuff), or keeping my hair up in a hat for a little while.😅

It is soon winter after all. ❤️

Thank you for reading my random post 😄


Nat 💖