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Natural Nerd 

Yes, It’s true. I’m a nerd. I’m as nerdy as they get.

I was a nerd before I even realized people thought I was… wait. That doesn’t make any sense.

I am a nerd, and I’ve been told this. Sometimes by people teasing me, time’s I’d like to think were because they thought I was cute but then I look back at my actual little self and think “no, you’re just a nerd and were never aware of How Much.”

And there’s been a couple times where people have mentioned it but not in a kind way… I push those to the back of my thought vault.

It didn’t bother me until I kept hearing it, and hearing it, and hearing it, and hearing it.
But then I saw this quote that says “I may be a nerd, but one day I’’ll be your boss.” And I thought: Yeah, that fits.

💖 Things I’m definitely Geeky about:

Taylor Swift

Doctor Who

Star Wars (Since about 2015 where I went to see Star Wars with a guy I was dating)


“Old-school” video games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Sims, Nintendogs if you consider those old school.


EXO the Kpop group

Anime, really cute anime stories.

Books. Yes, Books. I LOVE Books. When I was 12 I would read a book a day.

💖Things that qualify me for nerd status:

<3I have written a fan fiction. One. Single. Not plural. <<b
ve crushed on a guy that doesn’t know I exist <<b
in suspenders are cute to me, weird thing to mention but I kinda associate suspenders with either old school dressing or nerds… and If a guy wears those with a Bowtie… hell yes, sign me up.

Gym in school was my own personal HELL.

Very Rarely can I pull off looking cool. But when I do, I’m on it.

Sometimes I’d carry this mini dictionary with me to elementary class, one day I couldn’t find it so I took the big one instead, which is still huge to me now to this day.

Lar– actually no, I’ve never Larped. Or cosplayed. But cosplaying would be fun. *raises eyebrow*

Guess who loves cartoons and still watches them? This girl *points to self with thumbs*

And lastly, I’m a goof. Why? Because it’s fun. <<b
I love laughing and making other people laugh ☺️<br
t rather quiet sometimes when around people I don’t know or slightly know.

Are you nerdy? If yes, lemme know because I need more of you in my life 🤓


Nat 💜


My Thoughts on Period Dramas

Why am I so in love with a world I’ve never known?

A world which was just introduced to me five years ago, has now become another feeling of home.

Though through fiction and film feels real nonetheless as the characters portray who I’ve come to love best; I still sit here and question why I cling to what I know best.

I connect with these characters in such a way that I have no clue of how to explain… the residing feeling of a world I might’ve known if I had simply taken a chance long ago.

Taken a chance on a story that could’ve also been my own, and not just read in a period drama from over 200 years old.

Maybe there’s still a chance, although it’s grown a bit old.



Little Witch Academia on Netflix



Netflix, please get this Anime together.

The official season has 25 episodes, where on Netflix only 13 are available.

While 13 is one of my favorite numbers, and even being able to watch some of the season (after initially thinking I’d have to wait a year or so) is amazing, I have to ask… why is the entire season not available?

The two short movies are amazing.

The series (at the moment about half of season 1) is amazing.


So, I just feel the need to ask why and how long Netflix watchers will have to wait until we can see the rest of season one.





*Note: Some Facts On The Anime:

The series began airing in January 2017.

The first ever mini movie came out in March 2013.

It currently has an 8/10 on myanimelist.net

I found it completely random back in November / December out of pure curiosity and have NOT been disappointed at all with any of it.

If your wondering about it, if you’ve never really watched an anime before, or if you want to be reminded of high school (except with fantasy and magic thrown in there), go flipping watch it, you won’t be disappointed. ❤


Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast is one of my favorite Disney films of all time.

Belle is no ordinary princess, she was not born into royalty nor whisked away by a handsome prince. She learned to love the prince for who he was, not through is appearance or what he could give her.

Before the beast stumbled into her life (I am going off the animation version, not the original tale of Beauty and The Beast) where she was considered “weird” yet beautiful by people in her town due to the fact that she read books. Her family also didn’t possess a lot of money, so spoiled is in no way a word to describe Belle.

As always, Belle does her thing and goes about her days, passing the time with a book or talking to her father about his inventions whilst Gaston continues to bug her and ask for her hand in marriage, that conceited son of a b–


Now, with the trailers coming out of the new “Beauty and the beast” live action film set to take place in theaters come March 17th (St. Patrick’s day fellow Irish– keep in mind, I only have partial Irish in my blood) it is easy to investigate the differences through the animated film and the soon to be aired, live action movie.


I’m not gonna lie, I can already tell lumiere is going to bother me during the entire film because he has two separate legs instead of a candlestick base. :’)

I’m still giving the movie a chance regardless of all of these changes (Of course, they’re attempting to make the movie into real life and it is difficult, hence the need for digital animation and autotune) but so many of these things really didn’t need to be altered??

I mean, chip as another example. I imagined him to be cute, not scare me with his eyes…


I’m trying my best to keep an open mind, and I am still incredibly excited for it, but come on. That auto tune is insane.

The auto tune is however noticed prominently more on certain areas of the song rather than the entire thing, which isn’t detrimental.

The reason I love the musical movies (rent, les miz, but les miz especially because a lot of their scenes tended to be live rather than recorded and added to the film making it more raw and emotional) is due to the reality of the situation it delivers rather than pre-recorded or seen on a stage where a lot of the emotions aren’t picked up in facial expressions because they are so far away. Including films that are simply films until the addition of music (because music is something that everyone can understand and feel regardless of language or any sort of barrier between people).

Don’t even get me started about the dress, please. But, seeing the entire blue dress– I felt better about it than originally when there was only the image of the collar and I was just not having it haha.


I imagined it to look like this fan-made (sorry, not sure who created it) image:


As for the winter dress, I wish the puffy hood was still a thing, although the new dress is stunning as well.


Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 1.49.21 PM.png

Made by toughtink on Instagram. I absolutely love her dress.


I don’t mind the beasts’ horns much, although wouldn’t it have been easier to keep them short like in the animation? Just throwing that out there.

I’m so excited for the movie, I’m sure everyone else is as well, it’s just a few changes we need to get used to even if we would go about them a different way. Although I’m not so sure I could forgive what they did to Chip and Lumiere, time will tell though.

If you envisioned any aspect of the movie to be different, please let me know what and how you would alter it. Also, If your super thrilled for the movie to FINALLY be released, please mention that too. 😛

Nat ❤

❤ Note: All photos and videos are not my own, these belong to the creators and uploaders. ❤

My Top 5 movies

I love movies. I never realized how much I loved movies until this film class I’ve currently been taking came into my life. These are my top five favorite films at the moment, three of them however will be my favorites forever.

IMG_5621 (2)

(From top left to bottom right)

“Big Hero 6” i feel multiple connections wit, mostly because Hiro reminds me of someone i used to know. Plus, I don’t know one person that wouldn’t be able to cry at this movie. Maybe, I’m wrong. In fact, I’m sure there are some that could handle it but certain parts broke me down the first time i saw it. Flawless is all i have to say to this. Also, i wish i had a Baymax because let’s be real, who wouldn’t want a giant huggable marshmallow bundle of joy. 😀

“Les Miserables” is without a shadow of a doubt, my favorite movie. I first saw this the day it came out with my mom in the theater , i was sat to the left of her. i believe age 16 i had just turned and she kept glancing over to see if i was okay. The whole entire movie i sobbed. Hard core sobbed and felt all the feelings ever. I love every character in that movie, but personally Eponine hit a real note for me (no, not just literally although Samantha Barks can SING). Ever since then I constantly have “On my own” stuck in my head at least once a week or any song from this movie. I love it, the actresses and actors did fantastic, the set was brilliantly detailed, it blew my expectations out of the water. This is the type of movie i would suggest having tissues at hand to wipe away a tear or two. and anyone who doesn’t cry at this, I’m sorry, i really probably don’t understand you and may back away slowly.This movie carries a lot in it and holds very dear memories with me, if i watch it with you, I’m really trusting you to not judge me as I spring into a waterfountain.

This “Adventure Time” DVD is actually random episodes from the first season i believe… it’s not a movie, but it’s a show i love with every fiber of my being. It’s great, it’s good for young ones because life lessons are thrown in there and it has a lot of storylines that progress as the show goes on so no matter what whoever is watching it, they should be able to relate to something. Or at least find it somewhat enjoyable. Me? Well, i ill be singing the intro without a shadow of a doubt. Be prepared haha.

“The Notebook” is a sappy love story as some may say, but i love it. I can’t hide that i love it, i refuse to cease to admit that i love it. I used to think i was weird for liking this movie so much and comparing guys i met with Ryan Gosling’s character… *cough cough* but Ii don’t care anymore. Love is a feeling that is hard as hell to figure out, this move portrays that, but also that it’s the easiest thing to know. You know when you love someone and you know when you don’t. It may take some time, but when you over someone you’re gut tells you not to give up and that no matter what happens it was worth the time spent with that person you felt the world for. Whether their you’res or not, you want the best for them and for them to be happy. At least that’s how i feel love is anyways. No matter how much you wish you could hate them, you can’t. Maybe that’s just my overcaring self but darn it it’s true. Also, sometimes people meet at the wrong times and that’s okay. But tere’s always fate. Yes, I’m also the sap tat believes in fate and destiny and my gut feelings because that’s what tends to tell the truth. Trust you’re gut always. Mine is saying I deserve the love Ali felt for Noah and vice versa. Everyone does. Don’t settle. 🙂

Last but not least is “she’s the man” which stars Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum… this movie is a classic. This movie is a movie that always brings a smile to my face. Especially when she realizes in the beginning how much of a willy her boyfriend is and that he underestimates her as well as the rest of the female population, and in the end puts a stop to his neurotic thinking by proving him wrong. Yes, shade was just thrown. All you guys out there, don’t be this guy, do humanity a favor and whatever you do… don’t. be. that. guy. This movie is a great laugh and never fails at girls night. 😀


This ended up being a longer post than originally planned, sorry for all the writing and mini rants.

Let me know if you enjoy any of these movies or what you’re top 5 are. I’d love to know! 🙂

I hope you’re all having a great day/ night! I’m going to bed now seeing that it’s nearing close to 1 in the morning haha.