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Don’t Fall Too Soon

On the fence of intimidated and comfortable when around him, that is what I felt.

He is the type that says a million things without saying a word, encouraging without drowning your ears with the same old line.

Someone who provides all the happiness in the world, and little confusion.

It’s strange meeting someone like him, someone that understands and listens while you blabber on about your hometown. Then by some twist of fate he happens to know exactly what you’re talking about, because he resides there too.

Yet somehow you’ve never met, but feel as if you’ve known this person you’re whole life.

It’s strange how this works, and even stranger when you see he provides the same for multiple other girls, yet for whatever astounding reason, it still seems independent with you.

He’s not a bad guy, just a good guy with bad intention.

It’s fun to know a good guy, it’s nice to know they exist. But don’t fall too soon for them, for when the time comes it’ll be gone quick.




That day 

I’m sorry I’m so rubbish at talking. I wish I didn’t feel this empty hole as you are sat one row behind me. This is the epitome of embarrassing– an embarassment no one else can feel but the one experiencing it. 

I wish I could rewind to my freshman year and stop myself from uttering words I didn’t mean. Words that had no ounce of truth–the one thing I understand Journalism to be based on. 

You seem happy now– and I’ve never wanted to make you feel anything less, I hope I didn’t back on that day. You deserve every bit of success I know your going to achieve in the future. Now, you’re gone. You’ve just walked out of the door with your love, and you’re moving on to greater things. 

I’m glad I got to know you for a speck of your time. Does your father still wear clogs? I’ve attempted to muster up the courage for the past month now– to say anything pertaining to the day that I regret most. 

I let an old friend go, one I had pushed away with words for him I had not aimed. I wish you the best– I know you’ll find it. I wish you could read this– but I know you never thought to see it.