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My favorite makeup

Lets talk about my favorite makeup. First, concealer. Now, I LOVE shape tape by tarte, but recently the born this way sculpting concealer has stolen my heart. I have two shades, I’m not the best at color matching but I try, what can I say.My all time favorite blush is coralista by Benefit cosmetics, it’s the most gorgeous coral that also has a highlighting effect. Rockateur is pretty cool too. Coffee and cream highlighter by Elf cosmetics (Heart Defensor) is BEAUTIFUL. I’m in love with the cream side, but will be getting a lot more use of the coffee side as I get tanner during the summer. Can’t beat it for $8. My all time favorite foundation is the Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra wear foundation. It’s SO GOOD. Honestly, anything by Lancôme is great I find.Tarte blushes I’ve grown a mini collection of and I just love them.I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini look into my makeup bag! Let me know what you keep and love down in the comments. 💖 I’m such a makeup junkie, I’d love to meet others!

Groceries and Working Out

I’m trying to eat healthier. Last year around march I started working out and eating better and it made a world of a difference for me. Not only did it feel good because my body felt good, but it lowered my anxiety and just made everything else seem easier.

I’m not saying drop everything and eat fruit instead, but incorporating more fruits, veggies, and even yogurt can help your body feel and be it’s best.

I recently gained a lot of weight and was thinking about how last year I felt so powerful so I decided I was going to start eating better again at least, and slowly building up my workout again.

This is what I got from the grocery store today, for anyone that’s curious. Healthier is a better word than healthy I guess. 😉


Here you’ll find:




silk yogurt; blueberry and strawberry





silk almond milk


pork chops

cherry tomatoes

strawberry kiwi snapple X2

life cereal

My final class

Today I started my final class of my final semester of college (university, for European people) and let me tell you PRAISE ALL THAT IS GOOD.

What’s good, I can’t wait to graduate.

I’m pumped.

But what really is on my mind is that this last semester I had a mental breakdown. A real one. Found myself nearly having a panic attack in the middle of a city I didn’t know because I my bumper just hit another cars bumper. Barely even a scratch, yet things just flipped way way upside down.

I’ve made mistakes, but this by far was my biggest one.

However, some might call it a mistake, I call it something that was meant to happen. It really pulled my family together too, they didn’t realize (well, my sister did the most) just how stressful things were getting to me.

And that’s when I realizded I was hiding it.

Fake “yeah I’m fine’s” in a high pitched tone to sound upbeat, smiling when inside I was screaming “don’t go” when they would leave to make the journey home.

I love my family, missed my family, and now more than ever I know how much they love me just as much as I love them.

Well, rah rah I could go on and on, but I need to touch on this whole bundle of feelings I experienced.

There was definite confusion, anger, hurt, sadness, and even some happiness… but what stood out to me was my anxiety.

It became a problem I couldn’t run away from anymore, and with this I finally found a solution to these nerves that I couldn’t control.

I urge anyone who feels anxious to simply talk to friends, or if like me, talk to a counselor if there are few close friends. It helps SO MUCH. You can event talk to me if you want, I’m all ears.


Nat 💖

Caught Up

Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives we forget to take time for ourselves. This could mean having a pamper night, movie night, or even both in order to clear your head and function at your best.


I enjoy painting my nails, listening to Taylor Swift, reading a book and pampering myself with face masks and lotions and such.

Everyone had their own way to recharge, this just happens to me mine. What’s yours?

💖 Nat

Just A Thought

**I want to be clear this is just random things I noticed, nothing against Taylor Swift or Jersey Green especially, and definitely not meant to be taken seriously**


Okay, so I have a theory.

It’s little, it’s mini, it’s the inner  T-Swift fan coming out of me maybe but it’s something I just want to mention.

The only song Lacey Green has on Genius is “I’m Alright” which surfaced as a possible unreleased song from Taylor Swift in 2013.

Originally there was talk of the person singing it being named Anna, then all of a sudden in the comments people mention Jersey Green.

People say it’s just a fan of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles’ relationship making a song about it, which is an adorable song.

But what if maybe it’s just another cover name for a song Taylor Swift actually wrote?

This is pointless since they aren’t even dating anymore… I know. But I’m mentioning it, deal with it.

Jersey Green has a channel named Jersey Green, one that was made before the video of her singing “I’m Alright” was posted on a new one called Stark. Why wasn’t it just posted on Jersey Green with her actual name? Something people tend to do when they want to start a career in music.

The first channel called Alyy  is where the song is posted in 2013, matching the 2016 version which would come out later. Does not match the video in the middle where Jersey Green is actually seen.

Now, maybe it’s because it’s a sort of fan-made song, so putting it onto the channel isn’t something Jersey Green would want to do – okay fine. I’ve been there myself with writing, so I get why she’d want to hide it.

Well then why would the songs sound different when playing the one sung by Jersey Green herself versus the one that’s just a lyric video. Certain notes are held longer, shorter… it sounds like the same voice, but there are a few differences. There’s also a text message heard at 2:04 in Jersey Green’s compared to nothing at 2:11 in what could be an unreleased song of Taylor Swift’s.

Maybe it was a studio version Jersey Green made that came out in 2016, but it’s just a little funny.

Maybe someone reached out and said “hey, we love this song you made since a lot of people love it, we want you to record it” to Jersey Green.

Or maybe it’s a song Taylor gave to Jersey Green, since that’s also a common thing in the music industry and she writes non-stop…

It’s just some little things.

Not to mention, the comments only date back to a year and there used to be way more than 35.

I think it’s just the inner Swiftie in me coming out.

And I love the song, it’s really great whether or not it’s written by Taylor Swift. ❤

Let’s Talk Ghosts

Danny Phantom needs to come back.

I remember being a kid and LOVING fairly odd parents let alone Danny Phantom… it now makes so much sense that they were made by the same creator. Nevertheless…

With this video being posted by Butch Hartman, it’s clear it literally disappeared. It ended abruptly, almost as if it never existed to begin with 😦

And the audience was left wondering.

This show deserves better, and agreeing with the constant “why” gif popping up throughout the video isn’t far fetched. Especially for adults (oh god, adulthood) ranging 20 – 25 who we’re about 10 when it vanished in 2007.

Personally, I love the idea of a college series or after college (10 years later) life of Danny Phantom being told, considering I myself am just about to finish college… and right in the age range of people left wondering why the show was cut in the first place.

This show is great, I wish the best for it.

And in the end, if nothing comes from the potential Danny Phantom 2, at least everyone can agree it was worth trying, and watching. 😎 👻

By the way — 👻 is still my favorite emoji of all time.

I’m Pür

So, I need to tell the world about this gum.

It has a strong flavor, so if you aren’t into strong mint flavors then I won’t recommend my favorite one (wintergreen).

At local drugstores the only flavor ever available is the wintergreen one, which I love, yes.

BUT THEN I go on to this market by my house which carries a lot of organic foods and just healthier things all around in general and I find the spearmint flavor.

I held myself back from it– for a week.

The next time I found myself at the grocery store a week later my main goal was to get this gum at checkout… come to find out oh there’s a pink one too… oh wow peppermint yeah?

Next thing I know, I have every flavor $5 can buy.

Only 9 come in a pack, but I’m not a huge gum chewers so on my end it’s pretty perfect.

Wintergreen is the strongest flavor; I think the least is the pomegranate mint (the pink one).

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the flavors and what one is your favorite! I’d love to know your thoughts!

P.S. It’s vegan! I myself am not vegan, but for those that are I HIGHLY suggest this gum. 😄


Change In Criticism

“Do they think I’m funny? Does she think I’m fat? Do they think I’m dumb? Am I good/clever/cool enough (partially worded from some WikiHow thing I read)?”


These thoughts are SO ANNOYING. If I had a dollar for every time I thought these when surrounded by a group of people who even so slightly intimidate me, I’d be able to get at least some aspects of my life together.

It’s the feeling of needing to change yourself to “fit in” with whoever it is your speaking to at the moment, or whoever it is your meeting for the first time, or whoever it is you feel this annoying need to be your “best self” (or what you feel people with be most accepting of) for.

It’s a loss, really.

There is NO being yourself all the time, forever.

There are different faces, and different versions of oneself for every situation.

The idea that everyone has a mold to fit into, or a role to play, is also infuriating.

The only piece of advice that seems to make sense is “be yourself,” but that doesn’t mean pick who you want to be and be that person all the time until the day you die.

It means, do what you want, say what you want, wear what you want, see who you want, because You want to, and You feel it is a necessary step in creating a life you feel most happy and yourself in.

If people didn’t change, if they always remained the same, if there was never even a change of simple eyeshadow for instance over the last 4 years, that would be boring. That would insinuate your always the same person.

But if You like that, if you say it’s what you enjoy on your face and you don’t want to change it because your happy with it… that would be a different story.

Because you’re doing what You want and sticking with what You love– not what someone expects.

There are people who like change, and are very open to it– and then there are people who aren’t a fan.

As we age, changes are made in our facial modes, the clothes we wear, the social aspects of our lives and so on… you mean to tell me nothing about you has changed? What about on the inside?

No one is inept to change, we’re all pretty used to it.

My Thoughts on Period Dramas

Why am I so in love with a world I’ve never known?

A world which was just introduced to me five years ago, has now become another feeling of home.

Though through fiction and film feels real nonetheless as the characters portray who I’ve come to love best; I still sit here and question why I cling to what I know best.

I connect with these characters in such a way that I have no clue of how to explain… the residing feeling of a world I might’ve known if I had simply taken a chance long ago.

Taken a chance on a story that could’ve also been my own, and not just read in a period drama from over 200 years old.

Maybe there’s still a chance, although it’s grown a bit old.