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Cake Is Not A Crime

Yes, I’m going to eat the cake even though I may regret it later.

Why you ask?

Oh, just because today I asked myself why I should deprive myself of sweets and I couldn’t come up with much of an answer besides not wanting to make snacking a massive habit.

When did it all become about numbers; how many pieces of cake, how many slices of pizza, how pieces out of the massive box of goldfish I bought at Target…

As long as I know what I’m doing, I don’t hold myself to absurd standards like exercising every single day for two hours (not that I’m the person to ask about working out) or eating ONLY organic food and little sugar or calories-what have you- I’ll be alright.

I eat for myself.

I eat for the pure happiness of it, and I eat when I’m hungry, not when I’m bored.

Okay, that’s a bold lie, sometimes when I’m bored and its just been one of those days with endless movies, then yes I will without a doubt.

But other than that I try to balance the healthy foods with the not so healthy foods… it’s really all anyone can do.

So I say, eat the cake. Life’s too short. Worry about the silly things later.


Nat ❤




Try new things

Something I found to boost my mood and make the day a bit better if needed is quite silly yet genius in it’s own way. I’m talking about packaging. When I buy something I’m immediately drawn to the cute packaging, anyone you ask may just tell you they’ve bought something simply based on how much they loved the packaging. There is definitely truth to that. I feel like I should start a segment where I post about a product I love with adorable packaging haha because I find it’s an instant mood booster when you look forward to seeing something. That’s what packaging is all about right? Catching someone’s eye and keeping it. What better way to make a good impression than producing a product that screams “you have to have me!”

Personally, before buying anything–especially when it verges on being pricey– I look at reviews and decide on whether or not it’s worth it. But sometimes you see  something and you immediately grab it because it’s that awesome.

I’ve recently developed a love for scones myself, specifically vanilla bean, so just yesterday when grocery shopping naturally I dropped over to the bakery (something one should NEVER do when hungry) and picked up some cherry almond scones. The best decision I’ve ever made in terms of buying a dessert/ breakfast…

These were absolutely delicious and not only that but they had a pink bow guarding them in clear wrapper. It was simple yet appealing. I find it hard to find something equally as delicious and adorable but taking one bite of this scone made me feel as though I had reached the equivalent of squid-ward eating a krabby patty for the first time (sponge bob reference). Goes to show you trying new things isn’t bad and can be fun.

The key to happiness is good food, laughing, and doing what you love.

Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the summer so far! ^_^