About me

I am a 20-year-old with an old soul, who enjoys the finer things in life like grape juice and chocolate cake.

Of course, with the help of video games, the internet, make-up, and books in the mix I’m crazy-fun.

*rolls eyes at self*

I’m also shy. Incredibly shy. So shy, that sometimes when I see people I think will judge me, I become as quiet as possible in hopes they’ll not notice me – or any kind of embarrassing thing that will most likely happen 2 seconds after the initial attempt of being discrete.

I also tend to say a lot of big words when I’m nervous – goodness does this SUCK.

Genuinely, I’ve made this Blog and created my YouTube channel in hopes of breaking out of this shell in a sense, to meet people with the same interests, and to be accepted for who I am.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a love for fashion and beauty.

I remember discovering YouTube for the first time and instead of watching funny cat videos, I would rather watch some lady talk about lipstick. I know, so much more fun.

*Sarcasm level 50, truth level 100*

Now, painting my face in no way is a necessity- it is more of a superhero mask. When I wear something that I feel expresses me and my “style,” I am most myself.

At 15-years-old I fell in love with not only Audrey Hepburn’s iconic fashion sense and winged eyeliner, but also with her words and the way she helped people. Not only was she a trendsetting mogul, but a beautiful person inside and out.

I plan on making my blog mainly about fashion and beauty, yes; but I also have a love for writing because it is one of the best ways for me to express myself. If I speak in reality, it tends to be noted as gibberish 50 percent of the time.

Let’s not forget traveling. Now, I don’t do too much of this, however, it is my dream to be able to one day go to the airport, pick a random flight, and explore wherever that is.

If you let me, I’d love to take you all on the road with me figuratively and literally.

I don’t want to just help others figure out how to apply eyeliner or what have you, I want to help people discover themselves and inspire them to accept that they are more than just another person passing by on the street.

I believe in a lot of things, but I mainly believe in the people I meet. I find every single person has something unique in them from the way they speak to the way they eat ramen noodles.

As odd as that may sound, I find the good truth in everyone.

And I hope they see the truth in me as well. xx





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