Just A Thought

**I want to be clear this is just random things I noticed, nothing against Taylor Swift or Jersey Green especially, and definitely not meant to be taken seriously**


Okay, so I have a theory.

It’s little, it’s mini, it’s the inner  T-Swift fan coming out of me maybe but it’s something I just want to mention.

The only song Lacey Green has on Genius is “I’m Alright” which surfaced as a possible unreleased song from Taylor Swift in 2013.

Originally there was talk of the person singing it being named Anna, then all of a sudden in the comments people mention Jersey Green.

People say it’s just a fan of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles’ relationship making a song about it, which is an adorable song.

But what if maybe it’s just another cover name for a song Taylor Swift actually wrote?

This is pointless since they aren’t even dating anymore… I know. But I’m mentioning it, deal with it.

Jersey Green has a channel named Jersey Green, one that was made before the video of her singing “I’m Alright” was posted on a new one called Stark. Why wasn’t it just posted on Jersey Green with her actual name? Something people tend to do when they want to start a career in music.

The first channel called Alyy  is where the song is posted in 2013, matching the 2016 version which would come out later. Does not match the video in the middle where Jersey Green is actually seen.

Now, maybe it’s because it’s a sort of fan-made song, so putting it onto the channel isn’t something Jersey Green would want to do – okay fine. I’ve been there myself with writing, so I get why she’d want to hide it.

Well then why would the songs sound different when playing the one sung by Jersey Green herself versus the one that’s just a lyric video. Certain notes are held longer, shorter… it sounds like the same voice, but there are a few differences. There’s also a text message heard at 2:04 in Jersey Green’s compared to nothing at 2:11 in what could be an unreleased song of Taylor Swift’s.

Maybe it was a studio version Jersey Green made that came out in 2016, but it’s just a little funny.

Maybe someone reached out and said “hey, we love this song you made since a lot of people love it, we want you to record it” to Jersey Green.

Or maybe it’s a song Taylor gave to Jersey Green, since that’s also a common thing in the music industry and she writes non-stop…

It’s just some little things.

Not to mention, the comments only date back to a year and there used to be way more than 35.

I think it’s just the inner Swiftie in me coming out.

And I love the song, it’s really great whether or not it’s written by Taylor Swift. ❤


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