Would you like the truth?

Would you like the truth?

I like Superman because of Superman ice cream.

I like Audrey Hepburn because my dad said I reminded him of her when I was 15, and little did he know I had already loved her.

I like Pac-Man because when I was little I would play it in Buddy’s Pizza and got a mini joystick one for my Birthday one year to play after school. I spent hours on that thing.

I like Jeeps because my moms best friend would drive me in a bright yellow one to school when I was seven where at one point she backed into a tree and I said “be careful of the fucking tree” and that became some joke years later.

I like panic! at the disco because of Brendan Urie and Dan Howell re-introducing me to them.

I like the Beatles because I grew up with the Beatles music and made a point to mention something Beatles whenever I saw it anywhere partially because my dad likes them too.

I like to write because it clears my head, it’s fun, and I’ve also been doing it since I was seven.

I liked the newspaper for the comics, mainly the comics. That is also one of me and my dads things I guess. I also liked the paper because of Gilmore Girls, not solely because I liked being in the paper for eating a donut when I was little at my favorite cider mill (I was like 4, me recollecting this memory is nbd and never has been).

I like to read because I love books, always have, and would even get dropped off at the library after school before my mom went to her second job, partially because I had to, but definitely because I loved it since I can remember. Moving on from Nancy drew in the kids section to the teen books was big for me. 😂

I like having a YouTube channel because I get to post mini videos about my life, disinteresting to a lot of people but great for me since I’ll want to watch them back when I’m 80 years old.

I have never once liked any of my favorite things for anyone else.

Those, if any, corresponded with my favorite person at any point in time – those were a coincidence.

And I’ve never lied about “movie moments,” not a single damn time.

I’m sorry if I’ve caused you trouble, I’ve never meant to be a problem.


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