Don’t Wait

The longer you wait, the longer the weight.

Silly cheesy saying? Check. Has been said before? Probably.

The REASON for it is, as long as your working towards whatever you want to do, whatever you need to do, whatever you have to do, you’ll figure it all out. If you sit and wait around for something to change, it won’t. It never does– it doesn’t work that way.

Putting pressure on yourself whether it’s a homework assignment, finding a job, calling someone back, the longer you wait the bigger the negative.

I mean how many times has your life felt like it was one bad thing after another after another? And when did it change? When you put in some effort to make one.

Most situations have a solution, and some situations take longer to figure out, to understand… but they CAN be solved. Sometimes it takes days, other times it could take years.

And yes, I’ve known the “Well, if I wait just a little longer it’ll be fine” and the “the more pressure I have before this is due, the better it will be” and while that may have felt true sometimes, it’s not! Don’t wait, start something now. You will feel enormously better, less of a hassle, and an easier time than if you wait last minute for EVERYTHING.

So, my advice to you is don’t wait for whatever it is your procrastinating now. Don’t, just don’t. Keep trying to solve that problem, that assignment, that little to-do you’ve kept forgetting for the past few weeks… just do it NOW.

I mean, at least start it now.

You can do it, whatever it is, you can do it and you will do it and it’ll be great and you’ll never have to visit a post like this ever again to find the motivation to do it in the first place. ❤




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