The Great British Bake Off

I love this show a LOT. It’s the best thing when wanting to relax before bed and even learn a baking technique in the process. Always full of new faces, new people, new treats… but where the heck was it this last year?

It was known that there was a new season going; on Twitter the hashtag #GBBO led to see people discuss new hosts, a new judge… but what about the audience who doesn’t know what twitter even is and happened to love the show from the comfort of their US couch too?!

In case your now wondering, I just found these things out today and found them nowhere covered except for in a Guardian Article stating the show would be coming to Netflix August 31; Finally!!

Although there is an answer for when new seasons will be available on Netflix, it’s not as easy to notice the first three seasons no one really talks about.

These don’t exist to the US– at all. And for a GBBO junkie like myself, I would’ve liked to have known this before watching the series thinking I was watching the entire thing. Also, where could I watch the first three seasons I haven’t yet consecutively?! These are easy questions I would love answers to.

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is how it goes:

Season One: Non-existent to US. Original Air date: August 17, 2010. Began premiering on BBC Two. 

Season Two: Non Existent to US. Original Air date:Original Air date: August 14, 2011.

Season Three: Non Existent to US. Original Air date: August14, 2012.

Season Four: Original Air date: August 20, 2013.

Season Five: Original Air date: August 6, 2014. Began premiering on BBC One.

Season Six: Original Air date: August 5, 2015.

Season Seven: Original Air date: August 24, 2016.

Season Eight: Original Air date: August 29, 2017. Began premiering on Channel 4. This is when Mel, Sue, and Merry Berry left.

Season Nine: Original Air date: August 28, 2018.

Here is where I’m going to smother you with complications.

Seasons four through seven are considered series one through four on Netflix. Mind you, on GBBO’s website at the moment, series four and five need to be switched because Martha’s came before Ruby’s. At some point during the second series (referencing Netflix) it’s mentioned that Ruby is the new “youngest contestant” at 20 that The Great British Bakeoff had compared to the first series (again, referencing Netflix) with Martha, 17 at the time.

It went from airing on BBC Two, to BBC One, now on to Channel 4.

When it became channel 4 that is when Mel, Sue, and Merry Berry left. 😦

Is it still an amazing show?! Yes. Does it feel empty without Mel, Sue, and Merry Berry? Yep. Are people going to continue to watch it? Probably.


US Air date for season 9: August 31, 2018.

All seasons found on the GBBO website.


*Note: This post will be edited as new information is discovered*


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