I want to talk about comparisons. We all have done it with ourselves and other people, and you know what? It sucks. Sometimes it’s a motivator but other times it makes people feel pretty terrible.

It’s easy these days to be caught up in this “picture-perfect” life everyone’s trying to show on social media, and while it’s best to look back on posts and remember only good times… it’s not the greatest to find confidence.

Maybe you compare yourself to others, which is not a bad thing but constantly doing it simply isn’t healthy. Maybe you compare yourself to yourself, what could’ve been you two years ago seems like a whole other person today. Or maybe you hear comparisons from your family about others in your family, and you’re a little fed up with it.

I want to be clear on something, as much of a bother it is to hear comparisons you didn’t ask for, even when they come from yourself, you have a choice on whether or not to take them to heart.

We all know some of them will be taken to heart, but this is your life. Work on building your own life up for yourself as much as you can so that you yourself are happy with where you’re at. And, whoever wants to compare can do so because you’ll be too busy handling your own idea of a perfect life.





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