Let’s Talk Ghosts

Danny Phantom needs to come back.

I remember being a kid and LOVING fairly odd parents let alone Danny Phantom… it now makes so much sense that they were made by the same creator. Nevertheless…

With this video being posted by Butch Hartman, it’s clear it literally disappeared. It ended abruptly, almost as if it never existed to begin with 😦

And the audience was left wondering.

This show deserves better, and agreeing with the constant “why” gif popping up throughout the video isn’t far fetched. Especially for adults (oh god, adulthood) ranging 20 – 25 who we’re about 10 when it vanished in 2007.

Personally, I love the idea of a college series or after college (10 years later) life of Danny Phantom being told, considering I myself am just about to finish college… and right in the age range of people left wondering why the show was cut in the first place.

This show is great, I wish the best for it.

And in the end, if nothing comes from the potential Danny Phantom 2, at least everyone can agree it was worth trying, and watching. 😎 👻

By the way — 👻 is still my favorite emoji of all time.


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