Spilling My Soul

Let’s get something straight.

I may be majoring in photojournalism, but that doesn’t make me stupid.

That makes me a caring and compassionate person.

Who doesn’t sleep around by the way.

God only knows why the guys I date or talk to expect me to sleep with them??

From my understanding, I’ve never given off that vibe.

I’ve never even slept with anybody to give you the honest truth.

The sheer thought of watching a couple kiss on tv let alone watching some kind of provocative scene with someone else bothers me to my core.

I know I give off a hey stay away face in general.

This, I know.

But I am not this girl all the time.

In fact, I’m the complete and utter opposite when you pull a camera out on me, what most would consider the opposite of normal shy, instead I’m outgoing.

It’s like the universe flipped or something.

In person, I’m shy.

In class, I’m SUPER quiet.

But as time goes on, and an effort is made by not only me, but someone else to break this mini glass wall, YOU’LL SEE THE GOOD SIDE of me.

The one that likes video games.

The one that likes pancakes.

The one that likes exercising for a minute then calling it quits.

The one that loves to laugh.

The one that loves to make others laugh.

That is who I am.

That is who I’d love people to see.

That is who I’ve been trying to bring to the surface for the last year or so, so I can breathe.


I’m smart.

I’m driven.

I’m a lover of all people and most things.

Why can’t you see the person I am?

Why do you leave me when I was just about to show you the real me?


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