Hotd: Saturday


Hi everyone!

I hope you don’t mind I’ve been gone for a bit… I’ve just been getting school in order 👍🏼

Anyhow, today I decided to do something a smidge different with my hair. I basically scrolled through Pinterest for a couple hours and stumbled upon which brought me to a hairstyle I thought I’d just give a go.

This is how it turned out, I will briefly explain how I managed to create it, but in all honesty the description in the link above probably beat does it. 😊

💖 Here we go:

Step 1: part your hair in the middle

step 2: put half of your hair up and tie off with an elastic

step 3: braid the tied off section

step 4: tug on the braided section to make it a bit wider

step 5: take the braid in your hand, wrap it around in a little bun until it forms a flower-esque shape

step 6: pin the hair in place, one Bobby pin on both sides ,or, Bobby pin the heck out of it ( whatever your personal preference, haha)

step 7: curl the remaining hair if you want (I chose to do that today)

step 8: hairspray! 💖

P.s. I find when I’m bored I’ll attempt a new hairstyle, and the first time I do, it turns out pretty good. Every other time after that however… Yikes haha. Although practice does make perfect, I think sometimes it’s best to just wing it. 😄☄


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