Friend Zone

I just watched this video and it is incredibly PERFECT.

To be honest this just reminded me of this one guy I was talking to for a bit and when I asked if we could just be friends first, right away he aid “no” which threw me back a bit. I felt exactly like the last line in this video. But being my usual “give everyone ten chances self”–which you should NEVER DO–I went out with him again because I thought maybe I wasn’t fair to him and maybe he isn’t as bad as I had originally thought. You know when you get hint after hint and yet still doubt someone could actually be who their portraying (a terrible human being) in the first place? Well, after making up my mind I decided I didn’t like him and told him he needed to find a girl who worked with him better (letting him down gently) and his response was different, one because his friends were sitting a bit near us while this was going down (completely NOT planned, I had no idea whatsoever) but I’m pretty sure at one point he kicked my leg. I was furious and had no doubt in my mind I was doing the right thing by ending everything with this guy. I absolutely HATE to say this, BUT, guys who take advantage of girls (and vice versa for that matter), guys who expect something in return for whatever, guys who deliberately try to make you feel like CRAP after you decide they aren’t good for you (even when let down in a nice way), DO exist. So be careful, please, why water the weeds when you can water the flowers.

Welp, this video is for those who think they’re doing the right thing and being a “gentleman” who deserves something something after being so. The case is, no one has to do ANYTHING for you/another if they don’t want to. Asshole.




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