A bit random

I am currently listening to Demi Lovato’s old songs…wow can’t believe some of these came out FIVE whole years ago O.o Is it strange that I feel like it’s still 2007?? What’s stranger is that 2023 is just as far away as 2007?! Woah.

Anyways, I’m currently sat listening to her old tunes and reminiscing about my twelve year old life and how I thought I was going to be stuck being twelve forever and I couldn’t wait to be an adult etc. etc. and now that I’m eighteen (technically an adult but not yet thought of as possessing the responsibility of one), I feel kind of stuck and I wish I could go back in time. I know that’s silly, and this is the cycle of life, and time travel doesn’t exist( yet 😉 )–although hover boards are becoming real and will continue to evolutionize haha– I can’t help but wish I could simply fix a few things or alter something simply just to see how different the outcome (right now) could be. I like where I’m at, of course, good days and bad days happen which everyone goes through but I don’t know it’s just strange feeling like I’m stuck between adulthood and being a teenager I guess. I feel like when I turn twenty everything is going to be so different, but that’s only two years away and I don’t know haha. It’s weird looking back on two years ago though for anyone I feel like because so much can change in a month let alone two years!

This was sort of random and had no real rhyme or reason except to say that it’s important to remember that your always changing as a person as well as in life. I mean some people win the lottery, or get that job promotion they wanted, maybe get super lucky and become Beyoncé (although, that’s pure talent tbh) but it doesn’t happen while you do nothing.

You can’t sit on your bum forever and wait for the world to come to you. As long as some sort of progress is being made somehow, good things are sure to come. Baby steps can turn into walks on the moon.




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