Taylor Swift Songs That Will Help You Get Over A Breakup

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has had a lot of past relationships. But it’s also no secret that miss Swift holds many well deserved Grammys, CMA awards, as well as many other music awards she rightfully deserves. She also holds the ability to connect with her fans and write songs that quite honestly make one feel like she’s stolen their journal and written a song about their experience. Without a doubt, whatever situation you’re going through, there is a Taylor Swift song that can help you cope and describes basically you’re exact situation.

Whether you are the one who broke up with the boy, you’re the one who was the dumpee, or you’re friend stabbed you in the back, its going to hurt. And not just for a day, but for a little while, until you can fill that hole with something else. Heartbreak is no fun, and Taylor Swift, sushi, and massive amounts of chocolate are in you’re aid.

15. We Are Never Getting Back Together

For when you give them chance after chance and you’re finally like “I’ve had enough, we are never getting back together, like EVER.” Peace out girl scout ❤

14. All You Had To Do Was Stay

He wasn’t sure what he was doing so he left, or maybe you closed yourself off and he was on the fence about you, but he wants another chance and you’re just like “look, all you had to so was stay!”

13. Come back be here

For those long distance relationships where you still love him, but you wish he was here with you right now at this very moment.

12. The Story of Us

when you aren’t quite sure what you are. Whatever you had kind of just ended and you’re constantly running into them. Not sure if you’re friends or nothing really… It’s just awkward and weird. My life story 🙂

11. The Moment I Knew

When you finally realize he never really cared about you. He said he’d be there always, even when you broke up, and he’s not. Instead he’s flirting with another girl while you’re crying in a bathroom and everyone contemplates what the hell is happening.

10. White Horse

He cheated, and you’re like “where did this come from?” The guy you thought was Mr. Prince Charming is a fake, a liar, and a complete jerk. He asks for you back and it takes you everything in you to say “No.” Also it takes everything in you to be the bigger person and not say “go fuck yourself.”

9. Clean

For when you are at the final stages of getting over him.

8. Back to December

when you remember all the good times but also how you let him go because you thought it was the best thing to do. Now, you want him back, but there was a reason you broke up with him, you’re gut was telling you to. This is you’re apology for potentially breaking his heart.

7. I knew you were trouble

For the guy you know you shouldn’t be seeing, you’re whole being is telling you “no” but you can’t help but say “yes” when he asks you out. You think there’s something more to him but he’s just a big ole’ mistake in the end, proving you’re original theory to be right. Honestly, the beginning of the music video where she’s talking  describes this perfectly.

6. Begin Again

For when you thought there was no way love would ever come back to you ever again. When you feel like you’ll end up alone with five dogs. When its 4 am and you’re driving around listening to sad tunes calling up you’re best chummy in tears. But hey, believe it or not, this heartbreak will stop and there ARE nicer people out in the world! Ones who won’t comment on what you wear or say their opinion is the best yet praise an open mind. 😀

5. Dear John

For the guy that had some plans, not good plans, but with bad intentions and they hurt you really bad whether it is on purpose or not. Low blows are an absolute no.

4. Last Kiss

For when you’re feeling really emotional and are remembering everything about them you liked. How everyting they ever did made you want to just hug them and they persuaded you to try things you don’t normally do.

3. Tell Me Why

He was abusive. You’re glad he’s finally out of you’re life and find it hard to believe any human being could be so reckless.

2. I Almost Do

For when he pops into you’re head whether it b at 2 a.m. or in the middle of the day. Either way you miss him, but you know you can’t go back. You can’t pick up that phone and call him.

1. All Too Well

You cant help but remember him. This song might be one of my all time favorites of Taylor, maybe even songs in general.

Taylor Swift heals all, anyone who cant see her genius is crazy.


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