Morning mayhem (not really)

Today I’d like to share a bit of funny/bad luck. No big deal really, but me and my sister (my twinkie) got our blood taken today because we just went for our check up and that was a part of it…so it’s about 9 am and I am the first one to go. Now, I’ve had my blood taken before (back when I was 12) but that was only because they thought I might have diabetes but in fact it was only because I drank an orange soda before the check up. Today however, the doctor goes to extract blood from my left arm and my vein exploded! So I’ll get a bruise, no biggie, but because of that now I have two bandages on both of my arms haha. I feel like a robot.

Getting blood taken sounds scary and horrible but I promise its no big deal its basically just a pinch so if your ever worried about it, don’t be, you will be A-Okay. 🙂

I have to be honest though, I’m getting the results back on Monday and I cant shake the feeling something’s a bit iffy. I don’t want to jinks myself, I don’t want to make imaginary problems, I simply am hoping everything is alright. And I’m not trying to be conceited, of course, no one ever wants to be perceived as that but honestly I say this out of simply knowing myself; my intuition is 99% of the time right. I swear by it.

I’m not saying anything is wrong, and I’m not saying everything is peachy perfect, I simply just hope everything is alright.

P.s. I heard ‘Betterman” by Pearl Jam on the radio today, its a good song, just sayin’.

Oh, one more thing: if anything is troubling you or your worried just take a deep breath because I promise you things aren’t always as bad or crazy as they seem.

Everything will be alright.




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