A profile

Growing up in Southern California, Jenn Im also known as Clothesencounters on YouTube decided to start uploading videos on February 28th, 2010 with a main intent of spreading her love for fashionable outfits that express her own style. After two years of YouTube and studying at a community college, she then moved up to Northern California to study communications at UC Davis. Here and there she makes videos on “how to be a better you” and gives viewers a glimpse of her thoughts on being herself during hard times, with the occasional beauty video every once in a while. Nevertheless, Jenn Im has a grip on YouTube and discovering what makes her, her; all because one day she decided to delete a Myspace page folder and start Vlogging. From that point on, her whole world turned around.

Although her life may seem amazing now, she went through rough times just like every other human being on this planet.

Growing up she was bullied in elementary and junior high because she was Asian forcing her to find this idea of being “the right kind of image”, saving photos of girls she found and wished to be, in a Myspace folder.

But after realizing what she was doing…

Her new approach became

“Screw the theories, do what feels right.”

And she’s never been happier.

Her favorite quote is “that’s the best revenge of all: happiness…nothing drives someone crazier than seeing someone have a good f*cking life” –Chuck Palahniuk.

Even though she wasn’t very happy in high school either, describing herself as being self-destructive because she was jealous of other people all the time… she eventually inherited her own personal style by just embracing it and getting inspiration from everything whether it be from a mannequin in a shop, the internet, her mood, or people around her—it may have seemed like “mimicking it” in the beginning of her style journey but she soon figured out her own way of expressing herself.

“Even if someone sees a photo of an outfit and gets inspiration from that it still contains one’s own twist” which she encourages everyone to embrace. And in terms of having your own style and way of going about things—“it’s going to come naturally but gradually and eventually you’re not going to care about what others think.”

Now, with 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel as well as over 752,000 followers on Instagram she is doing what she loves and with a smile plastered on her face.

“YouTube dramatically changed my life” and for the better.


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