I have a plan for my blog. It isn’t going to be based around simply one topic. I may want to talk about other things besides beauty and fashion, I do however have a goal. I want whoever reads my blog (you perhaps?) to be happy after you’ve read it or feel as if they’ve gained something out of reading my post whether it be a new idea for a fall outfit, or a new thought to think  about.

I plan on making a fashion look book for fall which I personally think is the best season to try out new outfits because if the leaves change, why cant your style change? I also hope to interview a pretty known blogger at the moment, her name is Zoe Sugg (Zoella on YouTube), or a company that I happen to love based in Australia known as WhiteFox boutique; they are pretty rad. I want to touch on topics in my posts that aren’t normally discussed such as weight and the complications of that because I feel that’s an important topic; everyone is unique and should feel great no matter what they or anyone else thinks is an issue.

Now, you may be questioning why or how I gained this interest in Fashion and beauty, and why I decided to create a blog revolving around these topics. I’ve had a passion for it my whole life, but the honest reason is because I enjoy writing, and I enjoy fashion so I basically decided to *claps hands* put them together and voila. I hope to inspire others or at least make people feel better about themselves, and not by talking about “materialistic” things (because that shouldn’t be the basis of anyone’s happiness), rather simply talking with an addition of spice here and there. Whether it be about some occurrence from my day that makes me think twice, outfit ideas, or something a bit more fun and noteworthy. I want to at least make someone’s day when they read one of my blog posts because I believe everyone has a right to be happy and love what the love.

Have a great day, and don’t let the haters hate. Your rock.



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